Today is Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. What better way to make your employees happy and productive than to declare your love for them? Not that kind of love–that’s creepy–but, rather, the platonic love that makes your employees feel cared for and appreciated–that’s your goal for this week. After all, without your employees, would you be as successful? Probably not.

Here are 11 ways to show your employees you love them:


#1. Simple Recognition

The best way to show your employees that you care is simple recognition on special occasions such as birthdays. Buying a birthday cake and celebrating all of the birthdays for a certain month and giving each birthday employee a card is a great way to make your employees feel appreciated and valued. -Michael Myers, Business Consultant, UGA SBDC in Athens


#2. Stress Relief

During busy seasons for your industry, treat your employees to a pizza party (or something). There’s nothing like a small party to relieve a little stress and truly let your employees know how much they mean to you. -Michael Myers, Business Consultant, UGA SBDC in Athens


#3. Handwritten Notes

Write a handwritten thank you/congrats note when an employee does a job well done. -Amber Bennett, Business Consultant, UGA SBDC in Gwinnett


#4. Charity Donation

Each month, let one employee pick their favorite charity and make a $25 donation in their honor. -Amber Bennett, Business Consultant, UGA SBDC in Gwinnett


#5. Night Out

Giving away a set of movie passes or tickets to a local event to employees for recognizing a job well done or contribution. -Lisa Rackley, Business Consultant, UGA SBDC in Macon


#6. Know What They Want

You never know when you will need to buy an employee a gift. Whether it’s for a job well done, condolences, congratulations, etc., picking the right gift could help show your employee that you care. One way to ensure you pick an appropriate gift is to provide employees with a sheet of paper with a picture of a $5, $10, $20, and $50 bill on it, then ask them to write down what they would buy with each of those bills. That way you always have a record of something they’d like at each price point. -Tres Crow III, Business Consultant, UGA SBDC at Georgia State University


#7. Breakfast on the Boss

No, not literally throwing your breakfast on the boss… although that would be fun. But rather, bringing in a box of donuts/bagels and some coffee every now and again and treat your employees to breakfast. Spending $20 every month or so and giving your employees that 30 extra minutes in the morning to relax and enjoy a nice treat is sure to win over the hearts of your employees. -J. Ashley Panter, Marketing Manager, UGA SBDC State Office


#8. Lunch Outing

Having a boss that takes the entire office out for a casual lunch every now and again really makes you feel appreciated and encouraged to work hard and not disappoint your boss. -Helen Sutherland, Program Coordinator, UGA SBDC in Gwinnett


#9. Provide Education Opportunities

Most people enjoy learning new things or fine tuning skills, especially when pertaining to their job. So, what better way to show an employee that you care than to provide resources for them to continue their education? Set aside funds that allow employees the opportunity to learn such as take a class, attend a conference, participate in a workshop, etc. -J. Ashley Panter, Marketing Manager, UGA SBDC State Office


#10. Valentines Day Treats

Put up a sign or even an easel pad with “Happy Valentine’s Day” written on it so when your employees enter the office they are greeted with the sign. Then leave some candy on each employees desk. This could also be done on various different occassions. -Deborah Free, Program Coordinator, UGA SBDC in Columbus


#11. Share Why You Love Each Employee

Display a picture of your employees on Valentines day and include a note with why your company/department/team loves/respects/likes the way they do a certain aspect of their job. -Trudy Lawrence, Program Coordinator, UGA SBDC in Macon