The UGA SBDC offers access to confidential, no-cost, one-on-one professional business consulting for Georgia small business owners who want to grow or start their business. Our consultants have earned advanced degrees in business or management and have extensive practical experience to help both emerging and growing businesses design strategies to make better business decisions and reach their goals.

Our consulting expertise focuses on areas that are vital to accelerating the growth of businesses. Some of these areas are:

Our consultants can help you:

Have questions?

Is there a cost?

No, consulting is provided at no cost to Georgia small business owners. All clients, their businesses, and related information are kept strictly confidential – we will not provide your information to anyone without your permission.

How do I get started?

  1. To get started, contact a local SBDC office. We have 18 locations across the state of Georgia. If you are a new business, a Business Development Questionnaire (BDQ) may be required. The quickest way for a new business to get in touch with a consultant is to take our “Starting a Business” course. To register for this course, CLICK HERE.
  2. If your business is already established, call your local SBDC office and speak with the Program Coordinator or Administrative Assistant. They can answer any questions you may have and guide you in the right direction to meet with one of our consultants.
  3. After you have completed the BDQ, or, have completed the Request for Consulting Application, you will be contacted by one of our consultants to get started on your path to success.