UGA SBDC helps Panthersville Business Stand Out and Gain Steady Growth

In 2014, Nadine Marsh Coleman had the opportunity to acquire SERVPRO® of Panthersville, a franchise that provides residential, commercial and governmental water and fire restoration and mold remediation services. Her transition from a career as a software engineer to full-time business ownership led her to the University of Georgia Small Business Development Center (UGA SBDC) for assistance. Coleman’s work with the UGA SBDC guided the trajectory of her business, transitioning it from fragile to thriving, and tripling sales within the first four years of her full-time ownership that began in 2019.

Electrical Business in Tucker Finds Targeted Resources for Business Growth

Chris Wilburn knew the ins and outs of the electrical trade, but when it came time to start his own company, CW Electrical Solutions LLC, he knew he’d need assistance learning how to run a business. An online search for business education resources led Wilburn and his wife, Maria Thurston, to the online training calendar for the UGA SBDC. They took every training course they could and established an ongoing relationship with the UGA SBDC that continues to guide their business.

CMMC V1.02 – SI.1.213 – Perform Periodic Scans of Information Systems

In our final entry of the Practices found in CMMC Level 1, within the Domain, System and Information Integrity, we cover SI.1.213 – Perform periodic scans of information systems and real-time scans of files from external sources as files are downloaded, opened or executed.  This Practice is found within the Capability, C041, Identify Malicious Content, […]

CMMC V1.02 – SI.1.212 – Update Malicious Code Protection Mechanisms

The third Practice within the System and Information Security, also falling under the Capability, C041, Identify Malicious Content, is SI.1.212 – Update Malicious Code Protection Mechanisms When New Releases are Available.  This Practice focuses on ensuring you protect your IT system with new security releases and monitoring your system regularly.  You can find the Practice […]

CMMC V1.02 – SI.1.211 – Provide Protection From Malicious Code

We now explore the 2nd Practice within the Domain, System and Information Integrity (SI), S.I.211 – Provide protection from malicious code at appropriate locations within organizational information systems. This Practice falls under the second Capability within the (SI) Domain, C041, Identify Malicious Content and can be found in the CMMC Appendix B, page B-238 (Page […]

CMMC V1.02 – PE.1.132 – Escort Visitors and Monitor Visitor Activity

This entry is the second Practice within the Physical Protection (PE) Domain and the Capability, Limit Physical Access.  This Practice, PE.1.132 – Escort Visitors and Monitor Visitor Activity, aligns with the prior one, PE.1.131, Limiting physical access to organizational information systems and, again, is pretty straight forward.  Essentially, to meet compliance with this Practice, an […]