Targeted Marketing Campaign Leads Atlanta Video Marketer to New Heights

Creative Internet Authority is more than a name for Montina Portis’s Roswell-based video marketing business. Establishing one’s authority and creating a reputation for knowledge and opinions that are respected by one’s peers has been so essential to her success that she speaks on the topic at industry conferences around the country. Portis knew she’d need […]

Improved Financials Position Savannah BBQ Owner for Rapid Growth

Bryan Furman was a laser operator at the JCB manufacturing plant in Pooler, GA when he decided to start a small BBQ business on the side.   “I have a passion for cooking and felt like there was no good BBQ where we stayed. And I wanted to be able to leave something for our kids.”  He tried to open a small place in Savannah in 2012, […]

Looking for Good Employees?

Finding the right employees is a very important part of owning a business. More and more business owners say that they face. Before trying to find employees, the employer should have a detailed job description along with interview questions. If possible, the interview questions should be prepared by someone who has performed the tasks that […]

Tools for the Toolbox: Hire Right the First Time

Small Business Consulting in Georgia

Small business owners are usually good at technical operations but often have trouble hiring employees. Some simple tools will help you find the right person to fill the job the first time. First, write a job description. Describe the essential job functions in order of importance. Include occasional as well as regular day-to-day tasks. Be […]

Organization and Structure: Aids to Productivity for Small Business Owners

A small business owner recently complained about long hours and a hectic work schedule. “Nothing gets done without a decision from me,” he said in a manner that clearly indicated his frustration. The situation was, indeed, unmanageable. In a very brief time, the threat of loss of control emerged as numerous facets of operations awaited […]