Finding the right employees is a very important part of owning a business. More and more business owners say that they face. Before trying to find employees, the employer should have a detailed job description along with interview questions. If possible, the interview questions should be prepared by someone who has performed the tasks that will be required of the prospective employee. Some options to finding employees include temporary agencies, the Georgia Department of Labor and high school work programs.

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Temporary agencies can be used to locate potential employees. The employer should interview the temporary agency before deciding to work with them to ensure that both parties agree on the type of employee needed. Depending on the position being staffed, the employer may want to speak to the candidates before deciding who to bring into the workplace. The advantage in using a temporary agency is that the employer is able to test out the employee before making a hiring decision. This alternative also gives the prospective employee an opportunity to decide if he or she likes the work environment.

Finding employees through the Georgia Department of Labor is an option to consider. The Department of Labor has developed an initiative called Georgia Works. Georgia employers and workers eligible for Unemployment Insurance benefits can participate in the program. The trainees work with participating employers in their workplace to gain valuable experience. The program benefits the trainees by allowing them networking opportunities along with the possibility of finding regular employment. The program benefits small and new businesses by allowing them to test prospective employees at no cost. The Department of Labor continues to pay the trainees Unemployment Insurance benefits during the period they are working with the employer. For more information on the Georgia Works program, contact the Georgia Department of Labor Career Center in your area.

Depending on the type of employee needed, a high school work program can be a great place to find part-time employees. Some business owners want to train their employees from the ground up. Also, if business is seasonal and increases during the summer, a high school student can work full-time and then return to part-time hours during the school year. There is also the possibility of the employer hiring the student in a full-time position upon graduation. Another option to consider when locating candidates is hiring a search firm or recruiter, but this option can be costly. It is important to provide the firm with a detailed job description so that the best possible candidate can be located. It is also important to maintain contact with the firm or recruiter. Inform the recruiter if the candidates presented do not meet the job description provided. If you choose this method to find employees, consider using the same recruiter and try to negotiate a discount if you hire more than one of his or her candidates.

Remember, employees are a valuable asset in business. In many cases, customers see the employees first. Finding the right employees to represent your business is critical.

(Source: Lisa Perry)