Are you a Grasshopper or an Ant?

A favorite of mine is the story of The Grasshopper and The Ant. If you do not recall, the premise of the fable is that the Grasshopper is enjoying the summer day, hopping, chirping and singing away when the Ant passes by, working away, storing food. The Grasshopper asks the Ant why it is working so hard when everything is so easy, foods plentiful, and states that the Ant should be enjoying the sunshine. The Ant replies that he is planning for the winter, by continuing to work when everything was going well. Of course, winter comes and the Ant is well prepared while the Grasshopper is out in the cold, starving. The moral of the story is:

Should I Have an App for My Business?

In this age of handheld interaction with smartphones and tablets, businesses need to engage their customer base as much as possible. What better way than with a mobile app? But before launching into the new world of app development, business owners should answer three major questions.   What do you want the app to do? […]

How to Successfully Post on Facebook

Everyone knows how to post to Facebook, but not everyone knows how to SUCCESSFULLY post to Facebook. When scrolling through my timeline, I often see terrible posts by marketers who get lazy. They share an article and just include the link. No description or even custom image. This is a “no-no.” Facebook surveyed users and […]

To Use a Facebook Page or Not

I teach a workshop for small business owners on how to use social media for their business. The majority of the workshop focuses on Facebook. It is my professional opinion that every business and/or public figure should have a business page. A frequent question I am asked is, “should a personal Facebook profile be used […]

How to Establish Credibility as a New Business

You’ve started a new business and want to launch it to the world but haven’t yet landed your first client. The first step to winning over that first customer is to establish that you are an expert in your field. Here are four things you can start doing today to increase your credibility: Online Image | […]

Marketing in a 2.0 World

It feels like marketing has been changing at the speed of light in the last couple of years. Technology has evolved and with it new tools have been developed that allow business owners to communicate better, faster and more intimately than ever with their target markets. This is a good thing for those who know […]