Dr. Margaret Ryder

Dr. Margaret Ryder

Business Consultant

Margaret Ryder is a business consultant in the Gainesville office.

She earned her JD in 1994 and ran her law practice for 20 years, which provided the opportunity to work with business owners and entrepreneurs in the areas of small business creation, real estate, estate law, mediation, and contract disputes. She became an adjunct professor of business in 2007, teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in business law, managerial ethics, and human resource management at multiple private universities.

She retired from the practice of law in 2018 and dedicated herself to teaching full time. She finished her Doctor of Business Administration in 2020 and completed the J.W. Fanning Institute’s General Civil Mediation Training and Practicum in 2021 at UGA. She has published and presented in areas of business marketing for community banks, The U.N. Compact, international corporations delisting from the NYSE, and biases in managerial decision-making.

Her multiple experiences allow her to bring a comprehensive approach to small business development. She is a firm believer that small businesses form the core of healthy economic growth and provide positive impacts throughout the community and beyond.



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