The University of Georgia’s (UGA) Small Business Development Center (SBDC) has been recognized by Georgia Trend Magazine as one of the 2016 “Best Places to Work in Georgia.”  The SBDC program, part of the university’s Public Service and Outreach arm, has 17 locations across Georgia and provides business training and consulting to small business owners and prospective entrepreneurs.  The evaluation process was managed by the Best Companies Group in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and analyzes organizations based on criteria that includes employee’s views on leadership and planning, corporate culture and communications, role satisfaction, work environment, and overall engagement.

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Small business is an important part of Georgia’s economy and the SBDC is one of UGA’s most significant resources for helping entrepreneurs acquire the knowledge and skills they need to help maximize their chances for success.  “Typical of UGA’s outreach programs, SBDC staff are recognized statewide for their expertise and responsiveness to local needs,” said Jennifer Frum, vice president for UGA Public Service and Outreach, which oversees the SBDC. “It isn’t surprising that this UGA unit was named a great place to work.  UGA’s strong commitment to outreach has helped build an environment for success. ”

SBDC State Director Allan Adams commented on the SBDC’s “Best Places to Work” designation:  “We are very fortunate to have an amazing statewide team.  All of our staff are hired from the private sector and we help them become business educators.  Our employees derive a great deal of satisfaction from helping
others learn and see business owner’s succeed.  We try to provide an environment with a clear mission, clear performance expectations and accountability.  This kind of focused and productive environment is expected and appreciated by the professionals who make up Georgia Trend Best Place to Work - The University of Georgiaour team.”

The SBDC program is hosted statewide by the University of Georgia and six of its 17 offices are hosted by other units of the University System of Georgia – Georgia State University, Kennesaw State University, Georgia Southern University, Valdosta State University, Clayton State University and the University of West Georgia.  Adams noted, “We could not reach all areas of the state without the partnership of these institutions.  The commitment to outreach by these universities and the support of their business school deans is critical to our integration and effectiveness.  We work as one team, regardless of whose payroll we are on.”

SBDC employee comments on the Best Places to Work survey give an indication of what makes the SBDC a satisfying work environment:

“Our organization is professional, honest and sincere.”

“Colleagues are highly educated and professional. The organization’s mission appeals to a person’s higher-purpose awareness.”

“The organization is open and honest, but does hold people accountable.”

“The work is very satisfying…you help people and see immediate results.”

“It is wonderful to work for a place that treats you as a competent individual instead of just a number.”

“Our organization values creativity, ingenuity and the desire to make an impact on our community.”

“This organization provides me an environment to grow, to learn new skills and knowledge that can be used to share with others, and challenges me to become the very best that I can become.”