Build Your Business to Withstand the Test of Time

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]On Your Mark, Get Set. . . Grow! Designed specifically for new business owners (within 2-3 years in business) and serious entrepreneurs ready to start a business, SBDC StartSmart provides the resources and support to put your dreams within reach. StartSmart will help you build a business for today’s challenging times!  To get the ball […]

New Entrepreneurs Need More Than a Plan to Build a Successful Business

A business plan is just the first step to realizing a successful business. Successful entrepreneurs also need local resources, practical business knowledge (or access to it), and a network of colleagues to rely on. Our StartSMART class is more than just a business planning class, it delivers everything a new entrepreneur needs to build a […]

Avoid These Three Common Cash Mistakes in Start-Ups

Startup - Starting a Business in Georgia

Everyone can appreciate the value of cash. But, a new business start-up is usually the most sensitive when it comes to the power of cash. Here are three common mistakes that can lead to major stress for a new business venture.   ONE: Overspending in the Beginning Entrepreneurs often think their business ideas deserve the highest quality expenses […]


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Why Military Veterans Should Become Entrepreneurs

Armed Forces, Veteran, Handshake.

I’m one of the 2.5 million veterans who served in Iraq or Afghanistan. I’m also an entrepreneur. And I’m not alone. The men and women of today’s armed services are uniquely positioned to become successful entrepreneurs. To my fellow veterans: You have what it takes. By nature of your military service, you possess the skills […]

Three Types of Small Businesses

Three Ways to Start a Small Business

You have a small business but you’re not making a profit and haven’t in some time. You may have an employee or two, and you pay them before you pay yourself. You either aren’t paying yourself or are paying less than you could make working for someone else. You may be adding your own money to the business to keep it afloat. […]

Market Research Eases Expansion for Midtown Atlanta Industrial Firm

Dhiren Patel is a seasoned business owner. An electrical engineer who started his career in the innovative AT&T Bell Labs, his first solo venture was AmTech Electronics India Limited, which he launched in India in 1991. When he decided to expand into the U.S. market, he and his family moved to Atlanta and opened an […]