Selling Complex Solutions to the B2B Market

Are you happy with your sales closing ratio? Is your solution superior but the prospect still won’t buy? If you’re a business owner or sales professional with a complex product or service to sell, this class is for you. The course is a deep-dive on the rational decision-making process of buyers when faced with a […]

3 Ways to Organize Your Sales Team for Success

One of the most common mistakes early stage entrepreneurs make is assuming that their product or service will “sell itself.” With very few exceptions, this is almost never the case; sales success is usually the combination of hard work, persistence, and having a well-organized sales strategy. One of the key reasons the “selling itself” myth is so persistent is that […]

Enhancing Your Brand

Digital Online Brand Marketing Concept

Your brand is what your company stands for in the mind of the customer. Many people believe branding is nothing more than a fancy logo. While this helps people notice you, your brand is so much more than that. Your brand is how your company is perceived overall in the marketplace. That’s why it is […]

Suspect or Prospect?

Selling is a function of business and is the key activity in your company. If you have no sales, you will not need a bookkeeper, a stock clerk, or anyone associated with production. No one will be needed to clean or dust. No one will be making deliveries. This being said, when asked if they […]