The Entrepreneurial DNA and the Keys to Success

Entrepreneur's Keys to Success

In the eighteenth century, the typical entrepreneur was defined simply as one who started a business. This definition has over time expanded to include other attributes such as one who is a risk taker as well as one who possess the ability and skills to manage scarce resources.  In today’s global environment, the DNA of […]

When the Business Check Engine Light Comes On…

Most new start-up business owners generally face difficult challenges during their first five years in business. Research indicates that a majority of these business owners start their business without a well-defined business plan, inadequate working capital, and also a lack of managerial experience. Today, most small business owners are finding out the hard way that […]

To Debit or Not to Credit

Small Business Consulting in Georgia

The accounting profession has experienced a complete transformation in the way financial statements are generated and communicated to users. The emergence of low cost accounting software packages has replaced ledger cards and column pads, while hand written journal entries and general ledger postings seem now to have been replaced by “save” and “ok” buttons. With […]