When Managing Your Business, Think of It as A 3-Legged Stool

Running a business can sometimes be a frenzy of decisions and actions that it’s difficult to know how they’re affecting the direction of the company.  For some, the realization comes a little too late and the business goes into crisis mode. Consider looking at your business as a 3-legged stool where you can’t afford a […]

Best Practices in Business Help Dunwoody-based Special Education Practice Expand

Man in suit and woman in black shirt stand in front of large green foliage

Becky Lamont dedicated the first 17 years of her career serving public school districts as a special education teacher and administrator, rising to program manager in the Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia. The district—the size of Georgia’s DeKalb and Gwinnett school systems combined—had 300 autism classrooms in the program she managed using research-based practices […]

Avoid These Three Common Cash Mistakes in Start-Ups

Startup - Starting a Business in Georgia

Everyone can appreciate the value of cash. But, a new business start-up is usually the most sensitive when it comes to the power of cash. Here are three common mistakes that can lead to major stress for a new business venture.   ONE: Overspending in the Beginning Entrepreneurs often think their business ideas deserve the highest quality expenses […]

Can I Export My Products …. and Where?

International Trade

American companies make excellent products; they really do. And many of these products are sold all over the world, but some never leave the country. There are several reasons things can or cannot be exported, including their price, overseas demand, technical competitiveness, and sometimes a company’s own willingness or reluctance to undertake the export process.

Careful Pre-Planning Helps Complex Industrial Business Secure an SBA Loan

Rod Meyer had worked in Minneapolis 25 years with the market-leading industrial x-ray imaging equipment company, rising to vice president of sales and leading a tenfold increase in capital sales, before the company was sold and narrowed its product line. “The new company decided to focus on standard x-ray imaging systems. This decision opened an […]

To Debit or Not to Credit

Small Business Consulting in Georgia

The accounting profession has experienced a complete transformation in the way financial statements are generated and communicated to users. The emergence of low cost accounting software packages has replaced ledger cards and column pads, while hand written journal entries and general ledger postings seem now to have been replaced by “save” and “ok” buttons. With […]