2018 Support Staff of the Year

Without our Support Staff, the UGA SBDC wouldn’t be able to function as efficiently as we do. Throughout the year, there are many support staff members that go above and beyond “the call of duty,” to ensure that their office runs smoothly and will occasionally also assist other offices with special projects if needed. And […]

Lead with Optimism – A Message for Business Owners

Do you see the world around you as half empty or half full? Your view on the world, and the environment in which you live and work, matters in leadership. The best leaders throughout time have been those who can maintain a positive outlook, regardless of their circumstances. How can a leader create a vision […]

Enhancing Your Brand

Digital Online Brand Marketing Concept

Your brand is what your company stands for in the mind of the customer. Many people believe branding is nothing more than a fancy logo. While this helps people notice you, your brand is so much more than that. Your brand is how your company is perceived overall in the marketplace. That’s why it is […]