5 Steps to Strengthening Your Cyber Presence

“If you are not concerned about cybersecurity, you don’t know enough about the topic yet.” – Raef Meeuwisse Strengthening your online, cybersecurity presence is a balancing act along a continuum: On one end lies convenience, using technology to manage our lives by the simplest and quickest method possible and, at the other extreme, security, protecting our […]

Cybersecurity & Cybercrime for Small Business

I recently attended a presentation made by a manager from Microsoft.  The topic was cybersecurity and cybercrime.   It was eye opening and scary. She talked about what she called Level 100 and Level 200.   Level 100 Level 100 is what most business owners are pretty much aware of.  It involves protection, detection, and response.   […]

CyberStrength 2017 Conference

According to Timothy Francis, a leader in the cyber insurance field, 62 percent of cyber-breach victims are small and medium-sized businesses. How to Protect Your Small Business as Cybersecurity Threats Rise Small Business Trends Jun 3, 2016 by Larry Alton As digital interaction increases, small businesses have become an increasingly attractive target for cyber criminals […]

The NIST Small Business Information Security Fundamentals Guide

This Fundamentals guide aims to provide basic cybersecurity recommendations to small businesses. I have always stressed the necessity to improve cyber security posture for small businesses that are most exposed to threat actors across the world. Now the National Institute of Standards and Technology has released a cybersecurity guide to support small businesses in securing their […]

Simple Cyber Security Tips to Protect Your Online Accounts Against Hackers

Celebrities go to great lengths to ensure their security, often traveling with bodyguards and living in gated communities. But when it comes to staying safe, there’s one place where being guarded is not guaranteed whether you’re a grandma or a gazillionaire: cyber security. The internet went nuts earlier this year when someone on Twitter noticed […]

Top 5 CyberThreats That Everybody Needs to be Aware

UK talks to security researchers, ex-FBI and ex-NSA cyber experts to find out about deadly threats in cyberspace. Cyberspace has increasingly become a battleground for malicious entities intent on creating havoc. Whether it be scamming unsuspecting users, profiting by stealing sensitive user data or targeting big businesses and governments to ferret out classified information, cyberspace […]

CyberStrength 1.1: What is C.I.A.? (Understanding the Information Triad)

By Mark R. Lupo, CBCP Most of us are familiar with the three letter combination, CIA, with our minds immediately going to visions of international espionage and the Central Intelligence Agency.  When it comes to our digital information, though, these three letters take on a different meaning.  Within the digital realm, these three letters, C.I.A., […]

Building CyberStrength into your Business

We believe that the cyber threat to small business is real and continuing to grow. Everyday each of us hear of the multiple incidents of cyber attacks hitting businesses around the country. Whether the attacks are criminal in nature, initiated through state actors, or from a lone hacker sitting at their computer, they each can […]