2018 Innovation of the Year Award

At the University of Georgia Small Business Development Center, we offer a number of business training programs throughout the year. In 2017, we offered 229 programs throughout the state of Georgia, to be exact. And although we’ve delivered many standout programs, each year at our Annual Awards Banquet, the UGA SBDC names a limited number […]

2018 Consultant of the Year

There are many professionals in the UGA SBDC organization that have distinguished themselves over the years. And although there are many deserving consultants, each year at our Annual Awards Banquet, the UGA SBDC names only one Consultant of the Year (COY). The award is based on outstanding work in the current year, in addition to […]

Strategy In Action: What’s Your Plan?

If you had your own sports team, would it be okay with you if the players only showed up on game day?  Do you go on vacation by jumping in the car and setting off randomly? These questions are slightly ridiculous, but many business owners do the equivalent with their business planning. Some may have […]

Digital Entrepreneur Sharpens Own Business Practices By Teaching

Garrett Massey in Griffin, Georgia at Eyesore.

Garrett Massey’s web development start-up, Eyesore Inc., is in its fourth office since its 2007 launch, a historic Coca-Cola bottling facility in downtown Griffin. With nine full-time staff and annual sales shaping up to 50 percent growth for 2015, the company would seem to consume all of his time and energy. It does not. Massey […]

The Most Important Cost You Never Consider

Small Business Opportunity Cost

John is a web designer.  He owns a small web design company and carefully considers the cost of labor, especially outsourced jobs, when he bids on a new website project.  Sometimes, to save money, he’ll do most (if not all) of the work himself, especially on smaller jobs.  He makes a profit most of the […]