In the 2017 edition of the University of Georgia Small Business Development Center’s publication, “Small Business and Its Impact on Georgia,” the article below titled, “Spotlight Industries in Georgia: Film & Entertainment,” was featured.

Small Business and Its Impact on GeorgiaGeorgia has benefited tremendously from the film and television industry. In the 2015 fiscal year, feature films and television productions in Georgia had an economic impact of $6 billion.(1) Small businesses are enjoying the ripple effect from this industry influx as evidenced at local restaurants, renting hotel rooms, dry cleaning, massage therapy, catering services, as well as skilled labor required on film sets. Film tourism is also benefiting small communities and businesses where tourists want to visit filming locations.

Georgia has developed convenient and popular perks to film here. In addition to the appeal of the diverse landscape of Georgia, the state is drawing in the industry by providing tax incentives, currently up to 30 percent of Georgia production expenditures in transferable tax credits. With the passing of the Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act, productions can greatly benefit their bottom line by filming here. Georgia also offers the Camera Ready Communities program that allows productions to easily use to find county liaisons who can provide local expertise and support.(1)

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Since 1972, there have been more than 800 film and television projects in Georgia.(1) New studios are being built around the Atlanta metro area to support the filming demand. Although most of the growth in the film industry has been in the Atlanta and Savannah metro areas, the generous financial benefits and production assistance programs will help ensure that Georgia, overall, will continue to see growth in the film and television industry.(2)



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