Access to Capital

Access to Capital

Contrary to popular belief, banks are still lending money. They are just under a stricter set of rules. Let the UGA SBDC help get your business' financial condition into shape and secure capital that works for you.

Our services are designed to help you accelerate your plans for a better future. We are proud to offer an extensive array of resources to help small businesses improve how they grow profitable, sustainable, long-term customer revenue streams.

The SBDC works with you to determine appropriate funding levels for your firm, as well as evaluate funding alternatives such as commercial loans, lines of credit, etc. We assess lease versus buy opportunities and also assess the firm’s financial help us put together a successful game plan to seek capital.

Here at the SBDC, we provide our clients with technical assistance with loan proposals, financial projects, debt restructuring analysis, financial ratio analysis, financial health check report, and compare your company to industry standards.

We do all of this by providing one-on-one consulting services along with tools and research to address key marketing challenges. Access to capital, wealth creation, and job growth depend on sustainable, profitable sales and The University of Georgia Small Business Development Center can help you with all of your capital needs.