Using certifications as a marketing strategy for winning contracts with corporations and the government can be very advantageous and lucrative. 

With the right amount of preparation, the application process itself is not difficult, just time consuming.

The University of Georgia Small Business Development Center can assist you with preparing your business.

The bigger issues is trying to determine which certification, or certifications are best suited for your company? There are so many to consider – MBE, WOSB, VOSB, 8A, etc. We often hear…..”Which one is better? Should I get them all?” It is important for you to remember that Certifications are a part of a company’s overall marketing strategy because the target market drives everything!

Obtaining a certification for a market that you are not interested in serving or more importantly, a market that does not buy what you sell is a waste of time and resources.

Contact your local SBDC office to meet with one of our consultants and have a conversation to determine which certification is best suited for you.