Sound Business Practices Move Georgia Peach Retailer from Stands to Stores

Travelers driving north and south on Interstate 95 will pass 24 billboards inviting them to stop and purchase mouth-watering products like “Fresh Georgia Peaches — Exit 58” and “Georgia Peach Ice Cream” at Georgia Peach World and the Eulonia Country Store in Townsend. The young entrepreneur behind the bold, simple marketing campaign, Jason Reott, is […]

Accounting & Finance

Understanding the numbers are crucial to any business. The UGA SBDC can help you understand and analyze your financial statements to grow and manage your business successfully. your business accept cash, credit cards and checks? As a business owner, you need to be smart about how you handle these transactions. The SBDC works with […]

Juggling Small Business Growth

Everyone in business wants to grow, right? Except for hobby businesses, or those where the owner doesn’t have growth as a goal, the answer is usually “yes.” In the beginning, most business owners think only of survival, and rightly so. The popular press is full of studies touting the long odds against business survival, let […]

Focus on Your Strengths and Grow

As small business owners continue to tighten their belts, minimize discretionary spending, and watch as friends and family lose their businesses, their jobs, their homes and suffer personal challenges during this recessive economy, it is critical to focus your energies on your business strengths. For those companies who have weathered seasons of the highs and […]