SBDC Clients Earns 2016 Small Business Person of the Year

Catherine Downey, CATMEDIA

Catherine Downey didn’t find an easy way to success. She did find what works: hard work and dedication to a vision. Catherine Downey started her first business with “a pen and a legal pad” so she could work at home after her first child was born. Today, she has four grown children and one of the fastest growing companies in Atlanta. She’s also garnered a hard-earned honor: she […]

Impacto de los Negocios Hispanos en los Estados Unidos

No es una sorpresa que la economía de los Estados Unidos sea impulsada por el crecimiento del consumo de los hispanos ya que es el grupo minoritario con mayor fuerza de adquisición. En este país residen 53 millones de personas de origen  latino, se calcula que para el año 2060 la población hispana totalizará 128.8 […]

The New “Boomers”…Opportunity Knocks

Want to tap into a market whose buying power exceeded $860 billion in 2007 and should top $1.2 trillion in 2012 (Source: Selig Center for Economic Growth)? You can, but to do so you need to understand the U.S. Hispanic market. You need to know their wants and needs, what matters to them, and how […]

Back to the Basics for Business Owners

We all know the economy is in turmoil and businesses are being forced to reinvent themselves to simply survive. So what now? What should business owner do? President Obama’s words during his inaugural speech were very clear when he said, “Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work […]