A Successful Startup Amid a Pandemic

When Atlas Medical Services opened in December 2019, they had no idea a worldwide pandemic would strike a few months later.   Atlas Medical Services is a medical transport company, but their services also include providing educational classes, hydration services and home fall prevention inspections for their customers.   “I first heard about [the UGA […]

3 March – COVID-19 is in Georgia: How Best to Respond – Resources and Links

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

As expected, the first cases of COVID-19 were diagnosed yesterday in Fulton County, GA.  For most of us, this should not be a surprise and should have been expected.  With Atlanta Hartsfield located here, it was only a matter of time.  In the coming days we will be seeing more cases in Georgia being diagnosed, […]

From Model to Medical Practice

Solid financial planning turns unique vision into thriving middle Georgia practice. After several years of working in other practices, Dr. Jeff Langford, a specialist in allergy and immunology, wanted to drive quality control himself. He also knew much of Middle Georgia’s population lacked easy access to his specialty. So he developed a new practices model […]

40 Years of Small Business Development Center at UGA

Who would have thought that an idea in 1975, promoted by William C. Flewellen, Jr., former Dean of the University of Georgia College of Business Administration, would flourish into a network of almost 1,000 service centers at colleges and universities across the country. With Flewellen’s vision and former UGA President Fred Davidson’s support of what […]

Front Desk Employees

During our Medical Practice Profit Drivers class we ask participants what area of the practice they think is the most critical to driving profits: clinical, front desk or billing?  The question always generates lively debate with an almost equal split among people forcefully arguing for one of the three departments. When the front desk faction […]

Adding Employees in the Medical Field

Owners of growing medical practices often ask if they can afford to hire a new provider or bring their medical billing in-house.  We have developed tools to determine the cost of adding medical practice employees.  Clients are often shocked at the calculations. Our tools examine one-time upfront costs such as recruiting, credentialing and legal fees, […]

High Deductible Plans

High-deductible insurance plans pose new challenges for medical practices.  The end result is that patient collections are shifting from third-party insurers to medical practices.  This added collection burden spawns other obligations that medical practices might not want to tackle, but in the end will have to face:   Patient Education Most people with high-deductible plans […]

Some Winning Considerations for Solo Medical Practitioners

This is the first in a series of exclusive articles for ‘e-News from MAG’ that will highlight ways for private practice physicians to improve their practice’s financial performance. Solo primary care practices in small markets face a number of daunting challenges when it comes to keeping their doors open in today’s environment. Managing three critical […]