Achieving CMMC Level 1 Certification – Basic Cyber Hygiene

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Are you a small business currently fulfilling a Department of Defense (DoD) government contract or do you plan to bid on a contract solicitation in the coming years?  Are you a subcontractor to a larger prime that has secured a DoD contract?  Are you aware of the current cybersecurity requirements expected of DoD contractors and […]

Small Business DoD Contractors – Be Alert, CMMC Has Arrived

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Many reading this post are aware there are significant changes coming for Department of Defense (DoD) contractors (prime or subs) in 2020 and it is essential to be getting ready for these if you intend to continue with existing DoD contracts or obtain new ones.  Currently, DoD allows a business to self-certify compliance to controls […]

User Experience in Management

In case you missed the first post of this blog series, How to Connect Through Experience, this blog post is part of a three post series which serves as an overview/background for an upcoming National ABSDC Conference presentation delivered by Michael Myers (Consultant for UGA SBDC in Athens) and myself (J. Ashley Panter, Marketing Manager at […]

5 Things to Consider Before Using an Image From Google

Magnifying Glass Highlighting Copyright

We’ve all heard the old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but when that picture is protected by copyright, the picture could be worth $25,000 instead. As the popularity of social media grows, so does the amount of content that circulates through our news feed. Users can post or share their own or anyone […]

The Business “Map:” Don’t Leave Home Without It!

Not many of us would study an atlas, get in our car, and head out for Chicken, Alaska, without a map, relying solely on our memory to remember all the route changes. Yet that is the equivalent of what many businesses do when “driving” their businesses. The result is usually the same for both the […]

When to Exit? A Small Business Owner’s Biggest Dilemma

There are only a few certainties in life; death, taxes, and one thing few successful small business owners realize or want to realize, the day they will be faced with perhaps their biggest dilemma, “How do I exit and when?” In this regard, it is not unusual that few successful small business owners understand the […]

Partnerships and PreNups: Gotta Work For That Happily Ever After

Remember how you felt when you first became engaged to be married? The whole world was beautiful. Your intended was wonderful. The future seemed so perfect – full of hope and promise. You were on cloud nine and ready to live that fairytale Happily Ever After life. However, we know that even in the best […]