Why Small is Great

Small Business and Its Impact on Georgia 2018

Entrepreneurial ventures provide hundreds of thousands of jobs in Georgia for both business owners and employees. Small businesses not only supply principal income for families, but they also meet unique needs for part-time employment, temporary employment, supplementary income, or, particularly for many young people, that first job opportunity. The innovation and creativity that entrepreneurs deliver […]

Impacto de los Negocios Hispanos en los Estados Unidos

No es una sorpresa que la economía de los Estados Unidos sea impulsada por el crecimiento del consumo de los hispanos ya que es el grupo minoritario con mayor fuerza de adquisición. En este país residen 53 millones de personas de origen  latino, se calcula que para el año 2060 la población hispana totalizará 128.8 […]

Advertising on Facebook the Niche Way

Not a day goes by without me getting questions about how to better use social media to help gain new customers and increase sales. In particular, business owners want to use Facebook more efficiently because they use it personally and know that many of their customers use the popular network. Well it’s true; according to a USA Today article, there are 1.39 […]