Is My Company Export Ready?

  The opportunities for selling products and services abroad are greater than ever for U.S. businesses. Statistics show that most consumers live outside of the U.S., and U.S. products are by and large revered for their quality. International trading is becoming more accessible than ever. Does this mean your business is ready to start exporting? […]

SBDC opens client’s eyes to opportunities for Sugarcoat Beauty success

  Peiru Kim came to the United States from Taiwan when she was just 13. After witnessing how hard her parents worked, she committed to also working hard to pay them back for their sacrifices and to make them proud.   Kim took a traditional career route, graduating from Georgia Tech and working as an […]

UGA SBDC Entrepreneur of the Year

  Ryan Loew is a Covington-based entrepreneur whose equipment maintenance company has expanded from 20 employees in 2016 to more than 150 industry professionals today.   As president of Process Equipment and Controls, he works with clients in the U.S. and abroad, including Fortune 500 companies that have outsourced their equipment and maintenance needs to […]

Side hustle becomes big business for UGA SBDC client

  In 1999, Jason Jones started renting out sound equipment for local concerts and theater productions as a side hustle to support his aspirations as a musician. Over 20 years later, the side job has become a multimillion-dollar business, S&L Integrated.   S&L Integrated now operates on a national scale, with a multi-state staff of […]

Get to Know Your Customers

  In a world where face-to-face consumer interactions are declining, it is more important than ever to get to know your customers virtually. Taking the time to learn about your customers through social media analytics, customer profiles and surveys will improve your business marketing efforts and strengthen customer retention – enabling you to better meet […]

2021 UGA SBDC Award Winners

The University of Georgia Small Business Development Center recognized 2021 award winners and sponsors during their annual conference on April 12, 2022.   “The recipients of these awards excel in their work with the business community, program development, and representation of the UGA SBDC program. We’re grateful for their contributions to our organization and are […]

What Banks Look for When Deciding on a Business Loan

I spend a lot of time here at the SBDC working with clients on financial issues for their businesses.  A lot of the time, it involves applying for a business loan.  Folks often don’t have a good understanding of what a bank will be looking for when making a lending decision.   The basic idea […]

Do you have enough capital to start your business?

  One of the things we talk about as a significant failure factor for new businesses is being under-capitalized when they start.  Undercapitalizing is simply a fancy finance term for underestimating how much money it will really take to (1) get the business started and (2) to cover initial losses while sales ramp up before […]