Whether it’s to start, operate, expand, or acquire a business, capital is required.  Just how much is available, and what it will cost, depends on each business’s unique situation and the personal financial position of its ownership.

These two factors are so important that they find their way into the starting lineup of every loan application.  Borrowers who have a good understanding of these requirements can more successfully present a complete package to their banker.   I know many terrific commercial lenders, and while each of them outshines me in the virtue of patience, they do expect applicants to be respectful of their time.

That being the case, here are some loan application tips that borrowers can take to the bank.

Remember, bankers want to loan money.  It’s how they get paid.  A borrower’s job then is to ease the lender’s review process by presenting a clear and concise case for a) why the business needs the money, andb) that repayment on schedule will not be a problem.