Peter Williams, Business Consultant

Peter Williams, business consultant in the UGA SBDC in Macon office, received the SBDC’s “2019 Consultant of the Year Award” during our digital award ceremony this spring, after being nominated by a group of his peers.





The Consultant of the Year Award (COY) is given to a business consultant based on outstanding accomplishments during the year, including his/her work with the business community, program development, research, publications, presentations, professional development activities, involvement in business-related organizations/projects/programs, as well as basic consulting and continuing education activities. Any full time business consultant or area director with at least three years tenure with the SBDC is eligible.



Members of the SBDC team cheer for award recipients during the virtual ceremony

“The recipients of these awards excel in their work with the business community, program development, and representation of the SBDC program,” said Allan Adams, state director.



In addition, the following awards were also distributed: